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World Leaders Hiding Aliens Feared They Can Provide Us Free Energy

An American doctor claims that alien life is veiled because they have carried such advanced technology to Earth that could destroy the fossil fuel industries. In Dr. Steven Greer’s opinion, unscrupulous world rulers hide the alien technology which could be used to produce free renewable energy for the whole world. According to him, the rescuing [...]

NASA Discovers Alien Light Spots On The Dwarf Planet Ceres

According to the researchers, an alien light spotted on the dwarf planet Ceres could signify evidence that the faraway world is not dead. Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, a little bit closer to Mars. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft initially detected the bright points on the dwarf [...]

Leonardo Da Vinci Disguised Proof Of Aliens In His Artwork

A controversial video on YouTube talks about the artwork of one of the most famous artists – Leonardo Da Vinci. However, it is not the usual masterpiece talk but pure claims that the prominent painter hid proof of alien existence in his work, especially the epic Mona Lisa. Paranormal Crucible believes that the artist shaped the colors [...]

First Alien Contact Could Result Into A Global War

According to an expert in the field of science fiction, our first alien contact will be the reason for a global war. In the meanwhile, China will be the first country to establish the contact. If humankind finally confirms that we are definitely not alone, this could further lead to Earth’s division and struggle, says the [...]

Pilot Who Chased An Alien Craft Warns Leaders To Pay Attention To UFO Sightings

An American pilot made a shocking claim he pursued an alien spacecraft and then he warned all the world leaders to pay more attention to the UFO sightings. Recently, the former US government officer Luis Elizondo, admitted the Pentagon ran a real UFO sightings research, named the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification program. Furthermore, he said this program was [...]

Alien Invasion? Orange Light Ball Terrified Colombian Residents

Terrified villagers caught a bizarre sight of a luminous eerie light that stirred fear of an otherworldly alien invasion. The glowing ball of lights was hovering into the night sky for several minutes. The eerie scenery took place in the town of Ocana in Norte de Santander, Colombia. The residents made a few videos which show how [...]

Is This Video Proof NASA Is Hiding Alien Civilizations?

Years of speculating alien civilizations exist, yet no confirmed proof ever presented. But, can this video finally prove if NASA and other space agencies have been hiding the truth from us? As the years pass by, more and more eminent officials come forth, speaking about alien civilizations, life and UFO existence. Not just ordinary humans have theorized it, but also prominent [...]

What Will Happen If The World Undergoes An Alien Invasion

What would happen if one day we encounter alien invasion? One thing is sure, the world would be sorely not ready because the extraterrestrial technology will be much more advanced and superior. However, if the otherworldly creatures treat us unfriendly, we have literally no chance of fighting back. Leading world governments around the world always consider an [...]