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20+ Times ‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’ Actually Happened

How many times have you witnessed something remarkable, disturbing or WTF only to have your tale met by the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen”?  No matter how detailed your retelling, people tend to believe only what they can see with their own two eyes. Well, luckily for all you skeptics, the next 20+ people managed [...]

20 Times Siblings Masterfully Recreated Their Childhood Photos

If you’re ever stumped on what to get your parents for the holidays or their birthdays, here’s a brilliant idea: recreate your childhood photos with your siblings ― and then please post them on the Internet, because they’re usually too good not to share. Need proof? Below, 20 times brothers and sisters very impressively recreated pics from their kid days. [...]

Diver’s Video Shows ‘Horrifying’ Pollution Near Bali

A diver in Indonesia came across another stark reminder of all the plastic pollution swirling in the oceans. British diver Rich Horner was exploring a site known as Manta Point near the island of Nusa Penida, the largest of three islands off the southeastern coast of Bali, when he spotted a soup of jellyfish, foliage and garbage. While Bali has become a [...]

Kids At Different Income Level Classes Show Their Favorite Toys

Dollar Street is a passion project by Anna Rosling Rönnlund that helps everyday people understand and use global public data. Anna was not satisfied with the results after spending 15 years carefully creating colorful and moving charts. She wanted to connect data to the everyday life, especially places far away. “People in other cultures are [...]

24 Photos for Those Who Are Tired of Cats and Dogs

1. 17 years later 2. “After a 3-hour search for my hedgehog” © imgur 3. “Cat, you’re not in charge here anymore.” © reddit 4. This owl is super scared of bananas. © imgur 5. Hamster pancakes 6. “Just having a bat hair day.” © reddit 7. “My friend’s rat enjoying a movie and some [...]