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According To The Queen’s Personal Astronomer, The Aliens are Actually Electronic Creatures

According to the Queen’s personal astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, the aliens are actually electronic creatures with such a dominion that even dethroned their leaders. Lord Martin Rees is the astronomer of the British Royalty. Lately, he revealed some seriously dangerous depictions of how he believes the alien look like. Namely, he materialized the extraterrestrial world [...]

Secret Apollo 20 Mission Found Alien Girl On The Moon In 1976

The actual Apollo Program formally finished in 1972 together with the Apollo 17 remaining the final mission towards the Moon. But, NASA organized 3more missions, Apollo 18, 19 as well as 20. Based on conspiracy theorists, the actual Apollo flights had found ancient synthetic structures within the Moon as well as wanted to check them out with [...]

Latest UFO Sightings Were Spotted By A USAF Veteran

This USAF veteran from Carolina has spotted and filmed the latest UFO sightings that were traveling at 18 times the speed of the sound. After he filmed this sight, he sent a copy of the video to NASA. This happened on an ordinary day on 26 of October when the veteran was flying his drone when suddenly [...]

Shocking Claim: The South African Meteorite Was Actually An Alien Spaceship

According to many claims, the South African meteorite that recently crashed was, in fact, an alien spaceship and NASA is trying to false it front as a natural occurrence. A footage showing the South African meteorite known as ZLAF9B2 has gained a lot of online popularity. On the video, you can see a fireball blasting [...]

Pentagon’s AATIP declassified data regarding the Tic Tac UFO

The Tic Tac UFO sighting which took place back in 2004 is one of the most famous events when it comes to this sensation. Namely, an unknown object was ambushed and chased by U.S Navy Hornets. However, the public only found out about it last year through the secret Pentagon program dedicated to UFO phenomena. [...]

Giant UFOs Discovered In Saturn’s Rings By A Famous NASA Scientist!

This isn’t the very first time that researchers have made this kind of claims. However, he alerts that the scenario is “critical” with residing alien spaceships in our solar-system “proliferating” quicker than ever. Doctor Norman Bergrun, a recognized mechanical professional at NASA, once again creating headlines with regard to his discussion that alien life exists [...]

Former Area 51 Worker Reveals UFO Secrets After Drunk Night In Vegas

Theory Introduction: Within 1994 the book The Orion Secret by Robert Bauval as well as Adrian Gilbert caused a good uproar. No question, it says on the cover “After more than four thousand years they solved the actual secrets from the pyramids”. The thesis, that purports to have completed this, is the Orion Correlation Theory [...]

Bob Lazar: The truth behind Area 51 and the extraterrestrials

A new documentary premiered worldwide about Bob Lazar, the so-called messiah of ufology has highlighted his extraordinary revelations about Area 51 and the existence of UFOs. According to Lazar, he was hired by the US military for the complex task of applying reverse engineering on extraterrestrial technology, which was in the hands of the United [...]