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Multiple Luminous UFOs Appeared Live On Air On Fox6 News In Milwaukee

A bizarre UFO sighting showing dozens of moving lights emerged live on air on Fox6 News and immediately inspired a controversial discussion in the online society. It quickly went viral on social media where people had no other thing but to wonder whether the mysterious objects come from another planet. Only by watching the video of the [...]

Real UFO Sightings Captured On Camera

UFO sightings have been reported during all our history and almost in every part of the world. They continue to put through the wringer mysterious about potential life on other planets and whether otherworldly creatures have visited Earth. UFOs grew to be one of the foremost topics of interest and inspiration for many enthusiasts to [...]

Aliens? Video Of Large Black UFO Shoving Off The Moon

Paranormal pursuers went wild after a mysterious footage showed what appears to be a black UFO passing the Moon. They immediately suspected there are otherworldly creatures on the Moon. The witness delivered the weird video to the American Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for further observation. The eyewitness recorded the moon in Dearborn Heights in Michigan, USA [...]

This Is The UFO Footage NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

During a NASA live stream from the Progress spacecraft event, two UFOs suddenly appeared and then quickly vanished. According to many theorists who already have started a fiery discussion on the topic, this UFO footage is definitely refined by NASA. But what is even weirder, UFO hunters claim that this isn’t the very first time [...]

Granger Taylor: Unsolved Case Of Man Who Vanished After Building UFO

An experienced technician, Granger Taylor, who created a replica UFO in his backyard disappeared never to be seen again at age of 32 in 1980, following his claims of constant alien communication. Taylor wiped off the Earth’s face from his parents’ home at Duncan, on Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada, after he claimed he was [...]

NASA’s STS 115 Mission: UFO Delayed The Space Shuttle From Returning Home

NASA’s STS 115 mission, among the rest, is one of the most notable UFO videos ever filmed in the history. During space shuttle Atlantis’ journey to the International Space Station in September 2006, a mysterious object intervened its way back home. The mission lasted for 13 days and within its duration, the astronauts spotted multiple weird objects. [...]

Astronaut Leroy Chiao Comes Clear About His 2005 UFO Encounter

The famous astronaut Leroy Chiao was commander of the International Space Station in 2005. During that time, he and his fellow Salizhan Sharipov were installing navigation antennas while in a spacewalk. They were 230 miles over Earth, moving at over 17,000 miles per hour when something Chiao spotted something rather mysterious. Leroy Chiao’s colleague didn’t [...]

Mysterious Map Shows Flightpath Of UFO Which Fell In The Welsh Mountains’

The Welsh Mountains UFO event, also known as the Welsh Roswell, happened in 1974 and since then gained popularity as one of the most famous UFO stories in the world. On January 23, 1974, on the Berwyn Mountains in Llandrillo, Merionethshire, Wales, local people started hearing weird lights and sounds. Around 8:30 p.m. the inhabitants of Llandrillo [...]

What Are They Covering Up? UK Government Is Hiding Three UFO Files

Starting from 2008, the UK government started publishing classified UFO files to the public. However, according to an ex-employee in the Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope, they still haven’t released three important UFO files. What are they covering up? Many people consider the UFOs to only represent unreal objects in the numerous conspiracy theories. However, [...]

Full Disclosure: Navy Commander Details His Bizarre UFO Encounter

A retired Navy Commander released his official statement about that one time he had a UFO encounter, witnessing a bizarre craft rising out of the ocean and flying past his plane. On February 10, 1951, Navy pilot and officer Graham Bethune, along with his crew, was flying in a mission from Iceland to Newfoundland. While [...]