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21 Terrifying UFO and Alien Encounters


I was vacationing on Plum Island one summer probably around 2012/2013. My family noticed a star-like thing in the sky and decided to look at it through a telescope since it was still light outside and seemed strange. This thing literally had tiny black spots crawling all over it, and was only slightly moving.

We thought it might be a planet but the fact that something was crawling and moving all over it didn’t make sense. My brother and dad got in the car to try and get a closer look, and witnessed something from this object literally land into some bushes far away and it was still glowing. All I know is that I have never had a valid explanation for what it was, and it was SCARY. — krubaisy


About two years ago I was in Naples, Florida with my friend, staying at his dad’s place. We were on the porch having a smoke around 11:00 P.M. I was leaning on the railing when suddenly what I thought was a plane in the distance turned towards us.

It was flying so low that the front lights blinded us. My friend scrambled for his phone which turned out to be dead, and I, fearing I would miss it, didn’t want to run inside to grab my phone. Though the craft was steadily gliding, it was all happening so fast. As the object got closer we noticed it was a huge triangle, almost venti black, and had three huge circular lights on the bottom. It was so close, just above the trees right in front of the building.

It was so silent. The only thing making a sound was the trees rustling blow the craft. Then the huge black triangle mother fucker turned on a DIME right in front of us and disappeared over the tops of the buildings. I swear to god this happened, I wouldn’t have believed what I saw if I didn’t see it with someone else. — UserNo800



ufo encounter cabin

Photo: James Abbott / Flickr (CC)

My family was at a hunting cabin in the boonies of PA at a friend’s wedding reception. The cabin was situated in a small clearing in the forest. It was pitch black out except for the bonfire. All of a sudden all the woodsy sounds stopped. No crickets, no birds, no bullfrogs. The adults were all drunk and carrying on but we kids noticed immediately. The night was suddenly silent except for the rustling of the tree tops.

I can’t explain it but, something I couldn’t readily identify was coming over the tree tops into the clearing and it was moving SLOW and it was BIG. It was way too slow and way too low to be a plane. It had 3 lights at the back and we could just make out a massive triangular shape. It was a black that made the night sky above it seem lighter. It didn’t make any noise at all which freaked me out.

I think there were four or five of us kids and we had been playing a little ways away from the fire. Well, once we saw it, you better believe we hauled ass to the adults pointing to the sky and yelling. I was scared. The adults thought we were just being dramatic but when my mom looked up, she saw it. Then everyone saw it. It couldn’t have been more than a hundred feet above the tree tops and the tree tops were moving like a tornado was coming through but, on the ground, it was really still.

As we watched, it turned above the clearing then blasted out of view without a sound. As soon as it was gone the crickets started chirping again. My family had planned to stay the night at the cabin but we didn’t. I must have been 9 or 10 at the time but I’ve never forgotten it or the way I felt seeing it. The whole thing lasted maybe a few minutes but I had such a terrible feeling of dread in my stomach. I haven’t ever felt fear like that since. My mom and I still talk about it sometimes. Scary stuff. — Ms_Lonely_Hearts



I was maybe 11 or 12 and we would always play hide and seek at night around neighboring houses with friends. It was a crystal clear sky and I was hiding in bushes up next to my friend’s house when a black triangle, with teal blue lights, hovered slowly above me, much lower than an airplane. Hard to say how high, but it was almost gliding. It was also more elongated, like a star destroyer shape from Star Wars. Of course, I told my friends, but none of them believed me. Not really spoken about it much since. — Th3_Capitalist



Met a guy while I was tripping on LSD who was working a snowcone stand. He looked like a carnival worker and had a pentagram necklace and an illuminati ring (not joking). He must have sensed we were on something so he proceeded to unload his crazy story on us.

In the 70’s or 80’s there was a big alien spotting epidemic for a few years apparently. He saw a saucer hover above a radio tower where he worked and claimed others were there to witness during the middle of the day as well. In addition, he had another sighting when cruising around with his then girlfriend very late at night. They followed it for half an hour through oilfield roads and finally saw it land in an open field. It flashed its light at them so they flashed the headlights back. Then they both blinked and looked down and it was exactly something like three hours later and neither could recall exactly what had happened. He said he talked to the newspaper and somebody writing a book about alien encounters.

I assumed that he was high on meth or coke or something and was just making up stories to account for his blacking out in the middle of a wild bender night. However, I went back home and googled some of the bits of information and it turns out he wasn’t lying and actually believed this happened to him. Sure enough, he was in the local paper and was quoted in a book published long ago and told his abduction story there.

I wish I remember all the details better but it was so crazy and came at such a weird time that I didn’t write anything down. — seinfeld11


Photo: HeeseRong / Flickr (CC)

Photo: HeeseRong / Flickr (CC)

Around 9:00 P.M. walking through a local nature trail. There aren’t many animals in this particular reserve–common birds, squirrels, the like; if you walk all the way into the deep woods, maybe a bear or two, but other than that, not much that you haven’t already seen in your backyard. So, all of a sudden there’s this shrill fucking scream, and at that point I’m sort of getting scared because it’s cold, it’s dark and there wouldn’t be anyone out there at this time, and there are no animals that I know of that would make such a sound.

On my right side, into the shrubs, there’s this figure rustling in the underbrush, about 5′ and crouching. Too dark to make out what it looked like, but it kept making these weird fucking snorting noises. Could have been anything really–I’ve seen all sorts of things in the woods, from teenagers smoking weed to a man in a full body bee costume. But this just struck me as really weird and unexplained

Needless to say, I booked it the fuck out. Number one reason why you don’t walk around in murky woods at night. — farrise



We were hiking with friends and my sister and I got separated from the group as we stopped to look at the night sky. It was a gorgeous summer night, very clear. I remember being able to see the huge array of stars extending over the sky like a carefully crafted mantle made out of glitter. We stopped on a high rock and when we turned around to continue our way up the trail, we saw this little person about 200 meters away from us. We stopped cold and didn’t move for a while, then the little person kinda waved and started walking with a high speed towards the forested part of the park, away from the rocky mountain. I will never forget and to this day I avoid going hiking by myself or late at night. I couldn’t sleep for a few days.

The figure was thin, with long legs, I mean his legs were too long for his body. Also when it sort of waved, I noticed it had long fingers too. It had normal sized eyes and no mouth or at least none we could see. — AlphaMW3


I was driving down a road in the middle of the day (there are fields on both sides), no other cars on the road. I saw what looked like a falling star, it was a big white ball of light with a tail, and it was hard to look at, even with sunglasses on. I had time to pull over and stop, still watching it fall straight down.

This thing was going way faster than it should have, and so I was struggling to get my phone out of my pocket without taking my eyes off of it. Here’s where it gets weird. Without warning, when it reached about eye level, it leveled off. I watched this thing go from vertical to horizontal in less than a second. It disappeared behind a line of trees and I noped out of there. — hackerdood7



ufo encounter church


Photo: bert knottenbeld / Flickr (CC)

I was coming home one night from work at about 2:00 A.M. I approached a church that I passed every single day. The first weird thing I noticed was a radio tower-esque light hovering above it. It was red and was blinking in an unusual manner. Most radio towers have an alert light that has some kind of pattern to it. This one was just going nuts.

The next thing I noticed was that all of the streetlights in the parking lot were out. This place has a VERY well lit parking lot that was completely black.

I pulled up to it and immediately hit the breaks. Hovering about 200 feet above the steeple was a long airship with these weird vents protruding off the sides. The vents seemed to be spotlights that was illuminating the church-yard and some of the street.

It made no noise. It just hovered there like a weird balloon perfectly silent. It even drifted slightly to one side. I was I shock. I remember sitting there going “what the FUCK is that?”

I’ve seen blimps, helicopters , planes ,,. It was none of those.

After watching it in shock for what seemed like 20 minutes (but it was probably just seconds) it shot off. Like 0 to 100 in mere milliseconds. I tried to follow it but in moments it was a speck, and then it was gone.

I told my friends about it but of course, it was one of those “uh huh SURE.” Conversations Like obviously they don’t believe me.

I am not into alien conspiracies, nor am I a “sky watcher”. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, stone sober, with the closeness that I did … I wouldn’t believe it either. I kick myself for not taking a photo, but my phone at the time was a blackberry with a 3-megapixel camera so it would have just looked like a black blob. — dawrina


I was listening to the local radio when all of a sudden it cuts out. Not sure if this was a coincidence or not but it creeped me out. The static radio sound was left in the background, I got really scared of this stuff so I thought I’d get my dad to come and fix the radio. However, I got up and gazed out of the window only to see all the street lights were off. Most street lights tend to turn off by 3:00 A.M., which is why this is extra weird. I look up far into the sky and see two red and blue lines in the sky, standing completely still. Motionless in the sky.

My first thought was a military aircraft or something (I was an eight-year-old who was obsessed with planes and UFOs etc) but what convinced me that they were something more is the fact that they started circling each other and eventually blasted off crazy fast into the sky. I’m talking mad fast, like the speed of light. They just turned into blurs. I might have been seeing things, but as soon as they had left the radio came back into tune. The street lights turned back on , and I could now hear all the cars in the distance, and the wind. When the UFOs were above my street, everything was silent. — microcitizen


Okay, starting off I’d just like to say I don’t believe in this stuff and I’m a logical person, so I don’t actually think it was an alien encounter, and I don’t ‘claim’ that it happened as I remember. But it felt really real and afterwards I was sure it had actually happened. And it did make me wonder a bit afterwards, “what if?”.

This was a few years ago, I was a teen. I remember laying on the couch reading and as I was about to drift of I was waken again by these really bright lights. They hurt my eyes and it was really hard to see anything. I felt really panicky and this kind of light/ floaty-feeling. Like I was falling and never hitting the ground.

I remember lying down and that I couldn’t move. What I remember best was the very cold and move or get something warm and that I couldn’t do anything about it. My body hurt, mostly my legs (like someone had stuck a knife into them), or like they had been removed. There were shapes around me, not quite-human and long, like shadows stretching up the wall, but I couldn’t get a good look of them, but they were watching me and I knew they weren’t human. I don’t remember any sounds, or many specifics. I just remember it being really uncomfortable and terrified, and the pain in my legs. It went on for an uncomfortably long time and I just couldn’t move or wake up, or do anything. I just lay there feeling watched and my legs hurting a lot.

I woke on the sofa and that’s it. Some people would probably call it an alien ‘abduction’, but I think it was probably just night terrors or sleep paralysis. It was terrifying whatever it was. I don’t envy people who have regular sleep paralysis. — DataTheDroid


ufo encounter lights

Photo: Stanislav Trifonov / Flickr (CC)

I was doing wildlife research in a remote part of WV that required us to be out late at night. Saw two lights in the sky that danced around in an unexplainable pattern to anything I’ve ever seen. I’m a rational person so my hypothesis would be military testing due to where we were. Close enough to DC, but remote enough that there are a lot of secret bases etc. out there. Nothing fancy, just something I couldn’t explain. Witnessed it with another colleague. — kid_zombie


My friends and I we’re hanging out a park at night just talking and hanging out. I look up to the night sky and look at the brightest star (which there aren’t many because we’re in Boston/Cambridge) when I see this really faint red/purple looking object circling the star. I’m like freaking out but at the same time thinking I must be seeing things. I tell my friend to look up and he also sees the faint object circling the star.

At first I’m thinking if it’s somehow possible it’s space junk reflecting light, but the object then starts moving in random directions around the star, so I realize it can’t be space junk. To this day I’m curious of what it could have been. I was freaked out, yet excited at the same time. — thechocoboking


Witnessed an alien abduction back in 2001 …

This takes place when I was 13. A friend of mine wanted me to help her grandparents set up their computer. I said sure and ride my bicycle to their house.

I get there and clouds appear so I decide to make this pretty quick. I set up the computer and install AOL for them, showing them all how it works and such. They go back and sit on the couch while I get my backpack to get ready to leave as their other granddaughter who is about four or six years old (I can’t remember which) was sleeping in the other room.

All of a sudden a cold breeze went through the room. It was odd as all the doors and windows were shut.

The grandparents looked toward the kitchen and what I saw made me freeze in place. There were three creatures standing in the kitchen. Two of them were short grey creatures with a thicker neck than described with the eyes closer to the sides of their heads. They wore silver jumpsuits. In between them was a taller creature looking like a humanoid mantis wearing a black robe with a yellow stripe going down the middle. They walk to another room and a minute later return with the robed creature carrying the granddaughter in its arms. It’s looking at me and I get the feeling it knows who I am. I don’t know why I got the feeling but I did.

I was very scared. More of the situation than of them and the grandparents were looking at them too but not doing anything. I decide to say “screw this” and fought off all the fear I could and clumsily charged toward them. I didn’t even make three steps before the grandfather stopped me and told me they will bring her back. The creatures didn’t move and continued to look at me. I couldn’t get any more words out of my throat because I didn’t even know what to think at this point. All of a sudden the light stretched around them and they vanished. An odd glow remained for a few seconds before fading.

After a minute of an awkward silence and the grandfather repeating she will be brought back soon I decided to leave. I rode my bicycle back home fast as I could while looking back to see if some ship was hiding in the clouds. Nothing was there and I didn’t sleep that night I got home.

The next day I did tell my friend what happened and she did tell me it has happened before. The grandparents and other family members have tried to stop it but to no avail. They just accepted it with a look of defeat and moved on. — PM_ME_YOUR_GHOST_PIC


ufo encounter

Photo: Shen Shi’an / Flickr (CC)

I don’t know if it was aliens, but when I was 12 I was out in the woods behind my parents house, I saw two large silver discs fly across the sky low enough to the ground that I could tell they were both close to the size of a house. They flew off out of sight, and I never could really explain it. — stringwalker13

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