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8 Common Paranormal Myths That You Need To Know Right Now

We might have dreamt of exploring the universe and that would have been a childhood dream. While watching stars and the moon it had been a thought to reach out to them soon. Most of our knowledge about planets and stars remained limited to some of Hollywood movies and animations.
With the intention to bring clarity and putting facts before you, here we reveal some of the myths associated with space which may be an eye opener for all.

The Closest planet to the sun Mercury is the hottest planet.

Each planet in our solar system revolves around the sun at some distance. Some may be nearer and some too far to get direct heat. It is interesting to know that a planet may be nearer but may not be the hottest and Mercury is one such example. It may reach to 420 degrees centigrade but has a competitor Venus, whose average temperature does not go below 462-degree centigrade.

The darker side of the moon

Dark Side may refer to something mysterious and unknown for someone. When we see Moon from our Earth, we see only one side. Both the planets revolve simultaneously which means we can’t see another side until we leave the orbit. But as they both revolve around the axis and all the areas get lit by the sun so there is actually no dark side.


The earth’s shape

From childhood, we have been taught that earth is round like a ball but its shape is pretty different owing to movement of tectonic plates and erosion. A bit disappointing but a fact.

Color of the sun

The sky appears blue and Sun appears yellow is what we see from our eyes. But Sun is actually white.
Sun emits a lot of energy which is actually transition of colors from violet to red as in a rainbow. Mix all these colors and you get white only.

A human without a spacesuit in outer space will explode

Movies show that you step out in space without a helmet and our head will blow up but the fact is that outside pressure being low and is dangerous for our lungs, heart, and brain which cause death.

 The Sun is a fireball

Sun appears to be burning but believe me, it’s only heated due to nuclear reactions happening on the surface of the sun.

 Earth and Venus are identical planets

Venus and Earth are referred to as twins owing to same size and shape. However, they are not identical with climate change affecting the size of Venus.

Earth is closer to the Sun during summers

We feel hot so we might be near to Sun. No, this is a lack of knowledge. When there is a tilt in axis then the temperature differs and so we have winters when earth axis is pointing away from sun and summers when the axis is tilted towards the sun.

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