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Area 51: Separating Fact From Fiction To Figure Out What’s Actually Out There

For decades, Area 51 has been a topic of heavy speculation and conspiracy theories galore. No one really knows what goes on out there, though that doesn’t stop people from guessing. What we do know is that it has nothing to do with aliens (sorry, conspiracy buffs). But that doesn’t mean Area 51 isn’t a mystery — there’s still some seriously weird history surrounding it, plus plenty of covert ops that have raised more than a few eyebrows over time.

5. Even The President Doesn’t Know What Goes On There

If you’ve ever thought you might want to become President so you could open the X-Files, think again. Information about what goes on at Area 51 is available to the President only on a need-to-know basis, so even the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t know everything that goes on out there.

4. The Area Has Certain Federal Immunities

In 1994, Bill Clinton issued a Presidential Determination that exempted Area 51 from certain environmental disclosures. This was in response to a lawsuit against the facility from contractors who had become sick and died as a result of exposure during their work on the base. The determination has to be reviewed every year, and every President since Clinton has renewed it consistently. But that’s not the only special thing Area 51’s been given…

3. Many Believe The Facility Has Its Own Internet

When you consider how much leaking and hacking goes on in 2017, it makes sense that the only way the Area 51 facility could avoid a breach would be by functioning on its own hyper-private version of the internet. It’s not confirmed, but the government certainly has the technology and a desire to keep Area 51 activity a secret.

2. There’s An Alumni Association

It’s not as organized as your alma mater, but former employees of Area 51 have their own personal community — presumably for the purpose of venting about work, since most of it was classified during the half-decade that they worked on it. They’re called Roadrunners Internationale, and you can check out their website for yourself.

1. There Are Other Area 51s

Of course, they’re not called that (that would sort of defeat the purpose of numbering them, right?) but other branches of the service as well as other countries have “dark” properties that are used to develop secret military technology. The Navy has one in the Bahamas, and Brits also speculate about what goes on in their town of Farnborough.

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