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JFK was ‘murdered by CIA’ days after demanding UFO files and NASA visit

Kennedy shows to the head of the CIA that he wants to see the highly private documents regarding UFOs ten days prior to his murder.

Kennedy wrote a secret letter, asking for info regarding the paranormal around November twelve 1963. It was launched by CIA initially.

Author Bill Lester stated the CIA released the actual files to him underneath the Freedom of Information Act. It was right after he made the request whilst exploring his new book.

Assassination: Was Kenedy shot to prevent him finding the truth out about UFOs?

The president’s curiosity in UFOs briefly prior to his murder is prone to energy conspiracy hypotheses about his assassination.

Alien experts say the most recent files, launched to Mister Lester from the CIA. This president might have been shot to prevent him from finding out the truth concerning UFOs.

Among the key documents launched under the Independence of Information, Kenedy asks from the director the actual UFO documents.

Within the second letter, sent to NASA’s manager, the US President expresses the desire for co-operation with the previous Soviet Union on common outer space actions.

This individual stated that Kennedy’s curiosity about UFOs was charged by issues. They’re about relationships with the previous Soviet Union.

‘Among his fears was that lots of these types of UFOs ended up been seen over the Soviet Union.

‘I think this really is one of several causes why he wished to get his hands on these details. Also, get this away from the actual jurisdiction of NASA.



UFO files1

However, conspiracy theorists stated the files add attention to a questioned document, nicknamed the ‘burned memo’, that a UFO investigator statements he obtained in the nineties.

The file, that has scorch marks. It is actually shared with UFO hunter Timothy Cooper within 1999 through an unidentified CIA leak, however, this has never been confirmed.

Debated: In the ‘burned memo’ the actual CIA director presumably published: ‘Lancer [JFK] has made a few inquiries concerning our actions, that we can not allow’

However, in a notice sent with the document, the obvious leaker said this individual worked for CIA between 1960 and 1974. He pulled the actual memo from the fire once the company was burning a few of its most delicate documents.

On the very first page, the actual director of Central Intelligence said. ‘As you need to know, Lancer has made a few inquiries concerning our actions, which all of us cannot permit.

The present proprietor of the ‘burned letter’, that bought it through Timothy Cooper told AMERICA ONLINE it shows that whenever Kennedy requested questions regarding UFOs that this CIA ‘bumped him off’.

UFO detective Robert Wood claimed they have tested the actual paper, the ink era, watermarks, font kinds and other marks.

He stated: ‘I employed a forensics firm to check on the age of the actual ink as well as check a number of other things, utilizing the same methods you’d use within the court.’

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