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Curiosity Caught An Image Of Mysterious Creature On Mars’s Surface

Ever since mankind started getting interested in the universe and the possible otherworldly life, there has been a question whether there is an existence on the Red Planet? Now, Curiosity caught a mysterious creature on its surface that points out that ultimately, there might be a life out there. It is not even the first time Curiosity to [...]

The Montauk Project Is Yet Another Proof The Government Achieved Time Travel

Proceeding from the Philadelphia Experiment, the military supposedly carried yet another secret program at the Camp Hero Air Force base on Long Island, known as the Montauk Project. The program involved different studies, such as psychotronics, black hole simulations, and weather control. In order to perform experiments, it worked with a shadow company, the Brookhaven Institute, [...]

The Tulli Papyrus Is The Oldest Record Of UFOs Flying Over Ancient Egypt

The mysterious Egyptian text so-called Tulli Papyrus is believed to be the first written document in the history describing a UFO sighting that apparently occurred in the 18th dynasty around 1480 BC. Undoubtedly, Egypt is widely appreciated for its ancient history. Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, ancient Egyptians had their own gods and [...]

David Icke Has Finally Revealed Reptilians Evidence!

First things first! You need to learn about this world known theory that reptilians are mixed with people of the elite of our planet and they are ruling it by their desires. Secondly, you need to know that this theory doesn’t belong you David Icke but thanks to him, it has been made popular all [...]

World Leaders Hiding Aliens Feared They Can Provide Us Free Energy

An American doctor claims that alien life is veiled because they have carried such advanced technology to Earth that could destroy the fossil fuel industries. In Dr. Steven Greer’s opinion, unscrupulous world rulers hide the alien technology which could be used to produce free renewable energy for the whole world. According to him, the rescuing [...]

NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists

Aliens, the very famous and no doubt the primitive name which is traveling parallel to our universe. We as a human being remain in the puzzle of aliens, whether they exist or not. the debate has a long history and obviously, we didn’t design any of the conclusion. Time to time there occurred many events [...]

The Moon Is A Hologram! A Cameraman Even Has Proofs.

This man has spent years of years of his life filming the Moon with a high quality of telescope and now, he proves that all that research and all those films have convinced him that the moon is a hologram! He even has his own YouTube channel where he posts his videos and his proofs of what [...]

The Earth Has Been Hit By Moon-Sized Object In The Past!

The composition of the rocks in our planet may finally be explained thanks to this new study that suggests the Earth has been repeatedly hit by some Moon-sized objects In the past! This study was even published and made by scientists from Southwest Research Institute in Texas and published in Nature Geoscience. They were studying the period of [...]

Conspiracy Theorists Claim That Flying UFO Was Spotted In Russia!

These conspiracy theorists even have videos as proofs that a flying UFO with a  triangle shape was flying over Russia with a fast speed. However, some are suggesting that the object caught on camera can be just a drone and doesn’t necessarily mean it is a flying UFO. However, the conspiracy theorists claim that they have the best evidence [...]