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Message Into Space: Aliens Can Expect Human Mail In Dozens Of Years

If there are any intelligent extraterrestrials in the universe, they will be getting a message from humans years from now. Head of the organization that has sent a transmission to an exoplanet told Russian magazine Sputnik aliens that are capable of making their way to Earth, know humans exist already. Scientists at the organization Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (METI) [...]


While many people refuse to believe in the paranormal, there are enough sightings all over the world (and the internet) that prove otherwise. Despite the fact that the majority of ghost-sighting pictures and videos posted online have been shown to be fake, there are some real encounters out there. The following are a collection of 12 [...]

Tales Of Fairies: Modern Concept Of Alien Abduction Experience

The topic of alien visitation may sound like a plot from a successful sci-fi movie. In the past, many people have reported of having experienced hair-raising moments while on camping trips or in the comfort of their bedroom. They have claimed to have witnessed a feeling of having lost time or missing out on certain elements of [...]

Revelation Of Soviet Cosmonaut: Truth Behind Underwater ‘Alien Bases’

During the middle part of the 20th century UFO-mania gripped the US as reports of flying saucers, men in black and alien abductions filled newspaper pages. But as alien encounters became a sideshow in the states, their communist enemies were also being rocked by mysterious encounters with UFOs. Around the same time the Soviets also began to have increasing [...]

Scientist Achieve Quantum Teleportation of Photon Over 25 Kilometers

For the first time, a team of physicists have successfully teleported a quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometers away through a fiber optic cable. This effectively showed that the photon’s quantum state, not its composition, is important to the teleportation process. The team was led by Nicolas Gisin of the [...]

“Spooky Action at a Distance” Confirmed by New Quantum Experiment

Albert Einstein may have been the greatest mind of the 20th century, but the great physicist famously disliked some of the weirder implications of quantum physics. Now, nearly a century after his protests, physicists may have proven one of the points that he doubted the most. According to quantum mechanics, a particle can be described as a [...]

Is The Human Mind Linked To Quantum Mechanics?

A scientist has proposed a method to test the limits of quantum mechanics, by applying it to the human mind. The idea is based on “spooky action at a distance” or quantum entanglement. This is the suggestion that two particles can share properties, but this only becomes apparent when they are measured. A hundred years ago, Albert [...]