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UFOs Are Real: Ex Air Force Officer Claims He Chased A ‘8000mph’ Craft

A retired Air Force officer came clean saying that the UK government hides extraterrestrial life as a top-secret, further describing his own UFO confrontation. George Filer III is 82 years old and currently serves as the New Jersey director of MUFON, which is an American based non-profit association that studies the UFO phenomena. He is [...]

Miniature UFO Remains Rediscovered In The British Science Museum

Remains from a miniature UFO crash in North Yorkshire from over 60 years ago have seemingly been restored in the repository of the Science Museum in London. In 1957, The Yorkshire Post released a story about the Silpho Saucer – a mysterious disc discovered in Yorkshire. Soon enough, it became famous as the British response to the [...]

Existence of aliens revealed by Boyd Bushman(Lockheed Martin senior scientist)

Boyd Bushman (Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist), who died august. 7, 2014 disclosed in a very recorded interview before his death what he says is data about, and photos of, aliens and alien craft he obtained as a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin. His designs include a system to find aircraft or missile exhaust plumes, a [...]

Group of motorcyclists in Indonesia are surprised by strange humanoid (may be an Alien)

Recently, a group of motorcyclists toured a forest near Banda Aceh , the westernmost province of Sumatra, Indonesia, when suddenly a strange figure, with human features, but of short stature, emerged from the forest.(Group of motorcyclists in Indonesia are surprised by strange humanoid) Seeing this the first motorcyclist fell to the ground, then the figure [...]

NASA billionaire and collaborator Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth

The known universe has two billion galaxies. Scientists believe the cosmos is about 13.78 billion years old. Considering everything we know about the laws of nature, life forms and the immensity of outer space, it would be surprising to think that humans are the only technologically advanced species in the universe.(Robert Bigelow says there are [...]

Italian journalist reports the first photo of an Alien taken inside a UFO

Have you ever stopped to think about the first picture of a UFO? It is one that showed a strange object in the form of a cigar between a cloud formation on the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak of the Northeast of the United States, in 1870. For ufologists and conspiracy theorists the mysterious [...]

NASA scientist admits that aliens have already visited Earth

For all we know, we are alone in the universe. Earth is the only planet inhabited by life, and human beings are the only intelligent beings. Of course, this is what scientists tell us, however, there are many who believe that there have already been contacts with beings from other worlds. There is Area 51, the base of the [...]


Futurist Dr James Canton believes our lives and perceptions will see a radical shift in the upcoming decades. And we’ll find aliens too. Dr. James Canton is a world-renowned expert who worked with a young Steve Jobs and he recently shared some of his insight and predictions for the years to come. In his opinion, [...]


You’re a space agency and you know the public is expecting hi-res images of the Moon surface. What do you do? Bring out the ol’ airbrush! In 1994, a joint mission between NASA and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) saw the successful launch of the Deep Space Program Science Experiment, formally known as Clementine. One [...]