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This Time Traveler claims to have images of the year 2045

By 2045, humans and robots will have merged into one, artificial intelligence will rule the planet and all countries will have dissolved, according to a time traveler who claims to have video images of the future.(images of the year 2045)

images of the year 2045


The incredible claims were made in a video posted by YouTube’s conspiracy channel ApexTV. In the video, an unidentified man, who claims to be from the year 2045, heads to the camera in a windy field.(images of the year 2045)

He also states that time travel has already been invented using reverse engineering alien technology, but this is being hidden from the public. The man says: “Time travel exists and it is being hidden from the public”.

“I’m from 2045. I am a scientist and worked on machines that were launched to the public in 2028” . The unidentified man continues describing how society works in 2045. And he sensationally states:

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