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Woman Claims She Was Dead For 23 Hours And Saw Celebrities Suffering In Hell

Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, aged 18 from Ecuador wrote Prepare to Meet Your God and in it, she talks about being dead for 23 hours and finding herself in hell among many celebrities that include Michael Jackson the singer and Pope John Paul II.

The woman testifies (watch the original video testimony at the end of the article) that she was taken by Jesus to pay a visit to Hell and Heaven and talks about the famous people that she saw in Hell, about the glories of heaven and the rapture and end of times

Visit Hell And Back Revealed Famous Celebrities

The woman said that the Lord had told her that there were many famous people in Hell and many who had known about the Lord and he had said that he was going to show her another part of the furnace. She went on to describe a place and seeing a woman surrounded by flames and she was tormented and begging for mercy from the Lord.

Surface Of Venus Earth Hell

The woman said how the Lord had signaled the woman with his hand and said to her you see that woman there in the flames, it is Selena. They then walked closer to the woman and she was shouting and screaming to be shown mercy and to be taken out of the place. The Lord was said to have looked at the woman and said that it was too late to repent.

Mora Was Told To Tell Humanity About Hell

Mora then said that the woman asked her to go and tell the whole of humanity about what she had seen and tell them not to venture to that place, she said that Mora should tell people not to listen to the songs the woman had sung or sing any of her songs. Mora then asked the woman why and was given the reply that every time people listen to or sing her songs she was tormented even more. She also said that people who listen to the songs she recorded when she was alive would be coming to the same place.

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